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Discussion in 'Channel Feedback & Suggestions' started by TRG_WilliamWallace, Sep 30, 2016.

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    Hey there Bored,

    I wanted to drop in and say thank you personally. Thank you for presenting your Star Citizen content with a good outlook. I felt this a refreshing point of view. You have gone far in showing me the true power that this game will have. It will sure be captivating.

    Your channel has also allowed me to decide that Star Citizen will be a focus of mine. I'm looking forward to the future, as I believe that video game streaming is greatly changing in the next two years. While Star Citizen is not going to be the pure focus of my channel, I expect to be entranced by all of the small parts of the game. A full persistent universe blows my mind.

    Thanks for turning me on to Redacted, and for renewing my interest in Star Citizen. There are many good things to come in the future, and I'm glad to be here with everyone. Into the breach, I say. If you're ever interested, I'd love to tell you about interactive streaming and how I think it's changing game streaming community as a whole.

    Until Next Time,

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    Thank you sooooo much the kind comments much appreciated, the community is awesome and I love being part of it.

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