Star Citizen | Monthly Update June 2017

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    Star Citizen | Monthly Update June 2017

    Welcome to the Star Citizen June Monthly Report, we look at what’s happened with each of the studios over the last 4 weeks & give the latest updates on tasks.

    Official RSI Monthly Report |

    Alpha 3.0 Additions & Delays

    Although a large amount of tasks have been completed for Alpha 3.0, there have been various bugs & blockers that required fixing and some tasks have taken longer to complete. This in conjunction with some extra features being added & greater functionality to a lot more have caused a minor delay in the Release Windows, which now stand at:

    Evocati | 21st June - 5th July

    Wider PTU | 6th July - 20th

    LIVE | 21st July - 27th

    More Notable Additions over the month have included:
    • Visual Improvements to Moons & Procedural Tech

    • A Hints system, helping guide you with information on your UI.

    • IFCS Performance Improvements” so we will see some balance & optimizations to to the flight model numbers.
    • Vehicle Transport – Players will be able to transport the Ursa Rover and the Dragonfly inside ships that are big enough to hold them.
    • They are making further improvements to the cargo pick up and carry system with better gameplay implications, such as interacting with cargo that is in a ZeroG environment.
    • The Engineering side of Ship Conversion Item 2.0 has been finishing up & they are now moving onto the tech design aspects.
    • The StarMap is now functional and in game. They have decided to make some further changes to the feature to make the App look more visually pleasing and also be a more intuitive experience for the player.
    • Further improvements to the Mission Broker and how it ties into the Mission System to further aid the player experience and make the missions flow better for the player.
    • Support for peripheral vision to be taken into account, not just what is onscreen.
    • moving the asteroid system to the new “Physics on Demand” system to allow the server and clients to dynamically create and simulate any portion of the asteroid field rather than just the area near the player
    • Initial implementation of a Comms System in to 3.0 which will allow players to hail in order to request landing while at the various space stations in the PU

    The Delta Patcher is in Internal Testing across the Studios, there is no ETA on release BUT I expect it around or just after Alpha 3.0.

    Over $151 Million Funding

    Star Citizen has now raised over $151 Million, this was partly due to the Aegis Eclipse Stealth Bomber Concept Sale. Which also saw the addition of Stealth Focused Components added to the Game’s Rationale, with these, Stealth Mechanics have become much clearer, there is not cloaking in game, only management of your IR, EM signals & use of the “environment” Stealth components will produce less IR or EM but at a cost of performance.

    Origin 600i

    The Next Concept Ship is pegged to be the Luxury Origin 600i, many are expecting a medium sized version on the 890 Jump OR an Origin Version of the Constellation Phoenix. It’s likely to be a cruising / touring ship for players that want to travel the Verse in Style. I would expect to see the concept sale towards the end of June.
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