STAR CITIZEN NEWS 6th AUGUST | Schedule Burn Down to Alpha 3.0

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    STAR CITIZEN NEWS 6th AUGUST | Schedule Burn Down to Alpha 3.0


    Changes to AtV & Statement

    Around The Verse is changing format in the short term, now every week they will have an update & highlight of progress, blockers and info about Alpha 3.0. They have suspended the Studio Update Portion of AtVs (Around The Verse) until 3.0 is ready, so not to distract from the work.

    They are on the final process of content optimization and bug fixing now as well as improving the user experience as polished as possible. The Delta Patcher will feature with the 3.0 release and will need some fine tuning.

    Any issues or progress will be communicated no matter how good or bad the news will be, the new AtV segment is called “burn down” and will also include production meeting clips BUT is mainly a package to receive 3.0 updates & news for the final stages of the release.

    The Production Schedule on the Website will also be updated to match.

    AtV will still have a feature segment where they will deep dive into a mechanic, process, technique, feature or department.

    Schedule Report -

    The actual release windows of the schedule report have stayed the same other than the Evocati possible start date being adjusted the release targets for builds now stand at:

    Evocati | 10th – 17th August

    PTU | 18th – 31st August

    LIVE | 4 – 8th Sept

    There is a huge focus on the Schedule Report with the Bug Fixing Process, Polish & Optimization now. They are trying to improve framerates by increasing performance both server and client side as well as trying to get as many players in each server as possible as currently stability and performance drops when you hit 15 players.

    We are also going to see Ship Locking, Race Tracks on Planets, Better Interaction with Objects & Cockpits, Rotating and Orbiting Planets & Better Looking Space all now in for Alpha 3.0.

    Megathreads -

    CIG are making a concerted effort to organize various news and hot topics into mega threads. You’ll see Megathreads for AtV each week or for ship sales, that will be the one stop for all info & conversation on spectrum for that subject, the idea is to clean up the forums, make them less confusing and get everyone talking in the same place. Above is the latest AtV Megathread.

    Locking, Stealing & Ownership

    There was some more info given on Stealing and Ownership of Ships & Vehicles in Star Citizen:
    • If you have a stolen ship and land the ship at a station the ATC (Air Traffic Control) will give it back to the legal owner, so you lose it, and if you abandon it in space, you'll lose it.
    • If you are able to place stolen items or vehicles in a ship you legally own in 3.0, it’s likely to persist and not have a criminal effect on you at least in 3.0:

    • If you steal a ship the owner can't just re-spawn: you physically own it and physical ownership and location is required to spawn a ship. You can't sell it (right now at least), but you will get to keep it until you log off. If the legal owner wants their ship back they can either track it down and take it back or make an insurance claim.
    • The first iteration of ship locking will be in 3.0
    • For 3.1they'll continue to look at ways to support different play styles and increase the criminality feature set.
    • In the future Ship Condition will affect claims if you still have the ship.

    Concepts -
    • Also there is another Tumbril Vehicle coming before the end of the year.
    • The Next Concept Sale should be the Origin 600i, around GamesCom time at the end of August.

    What have Foundry 42 UK been upto over the last few weeks:
    • The Eclipse is having work done to it currently the Torp Bay, Entry Ladder, Cockpit and Flight Mode Variations.
    • On The Concept Side they have finished the Cyclone and are now working on the 600i, the exterior has been fleshed out and has had some interior work done. I am very much looking forward to seeing the ship in concept!
    • They’ve made lots of progress with various Vanduul Ships, the grey box of the Void Bomber is complete as well as the Blade now receiving some refinement.
    • The Reclaimer is now in it’s optimization and LOD pass phase, tech design are working on the setup of the ship now.
    • The Hull C exterior has nearly completed its detail pass, and will move on to LODs and damage setup.
    • 2 New ships and a personal transport vehicle has been worked on too, we will find out more about them in the future.
    • The Graphics guys have been working on 2VP (Secondary ViewPorts) and R2T (Render-to-Texture) focusing on Video Comms.
    • The Sun Shadow System is being improved to cope with extreme ranges on shadows for planets and moons, as sunset for example a shadow can stretch 10km of more!
    • More work on volumetric rendering too for creating gas clouds of any scale but also that look amazing.
    • There has also been improvements and additions to the GPU particle system, they keep adding cool effects, VFX & features!
    • A Huge range of locations have received their final polish in preparation for Alpha 3.0s launch.
    • Outpost integration, branding, shader wear.
    • Spacescaping, dust clouds look and feel, asteroids, ambiance have all received tweaks maker space feel more visually appealing.
    • Loads of optimization for memory usage & general performance boosts
    • Hurston & Orison’s Landing Zones and Gameplay areas are receiving work too.
    • Various work to SQ42 mission areas and levels including have been worked on and are receiving polish, Shubin is being wrapped up.
    • Weapons have been working on the Ship Scattergun, Laser Repeaters, Neutron Repeaters as well as some FPS weapons Gemini Pistol & H29, Optics and the Kastak SMG.
    • There has been improvements to the VFX style of energy types too.
    • Animation they’ve finished off all the animations needed for the 3.0 mission givers and are now refining Miles Eckhart's hand gestures as well as working to refine knife takedowns & AI Combat.
    • We will see a greater range of ages and ethnic groups as they add more head scans to their database.
    • Tech Animation have a new source control app for Maya improving their workflow.
    • Working with props they’ve made glass assets & a physics solution for liquids that is cost effective resource wise.
    • Older tools are getting some updates and optimization as well as lots more work on their database of mocap animations.
    • On foot animations & speeds have been worked on to make them feel good for players & NPCs. We’ll be using the mouse wheel to adjust our speed fluidly while moving.
    • NPC gestures and wildlines have received work, so they will glance at you or contextually interact with you as you pass or approach them in an appropriate immersive fashion.
    • Player vs player version of Bounty Hunter missions was completed with a proper code system

    AtV Focused on Render To Texture & Secondary ViewPorts, which is the tech that allows comm calls, holograms, HUDs and more in game generated in realtime through contextual performances.

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