Star Citizen News | Alpha 3.0 Schedule Updates

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    Star Citizen News | Alpha 3.0 Schedule Updates

    Welcome to some more Star Citizen News this time for the weekending 10th June. We gather all the weeks official news & info into an accessible UI for you to watch & digest.

    Alpha 3.0 Schedule Report

    There have been some additions, delays & changes to the Alpha 3.0 Schedule report this week with a change in the targeted release windows this is due to adding some extra features & re-scheduling more accurately for a thorough testing phase. The Targeted Release Windows Now Stand at:

    Evocati | 21st June - 5th July

    Wider PTU | 6th July - 20th

    LIVE | 21st July - 27th

    Some features were delayed but sit within the new release windows some will support additional features, be more polished or have been delayed to address blockers.

    Notable Additions to Alpha 3.0:
    • They’ve added a hints system to aid new players with how to play in the PU and old with the changes.

    • Mission Givers are getting more polish & derelicts are getting some additional art work for utilization in the PU.
    • Integrating commodities with the shop services for buying and selling from ship cargo & there will be addition functionally with the shopping kiosks.
    • There was a critical fault in the repair system that needs to be fixed.
    • Work on the Entity Update Component Scheduler feature (which will improve performance by prioritizing entities based on distance & importance) will extend past 3.0 work will be ongoing, and continual improvements will be made in the run up to 3.0 release too.
    • They are adding the initial implementation of a Comms System in to 3.0 which will allow players to hail in order to request landing while at the various space stations in the PU.
    • They are moving the asteroid system to the new “Physics on Demand” system to allow the server and clients to dynamically create and simulate any portion of the asteroid field rather than just the area near the player.
    • Exposure Improvements - They are adding support for peripheral vision to be taken into account, not just what is onscreen. This will avoid situations when looking into a space when there is something very bright (such as a planet surface so space station) just off screen.

    Spectrum v0.3.5 was Released
    • Tags within a Forum Category are now more prominent and can be visited independently.
    • You can bookmark tags directly to your sidebar and rename your bookmarks aliases by visiting the "Manage Bookmarks" view!
    • The Individual Manufacturer and Ship Forums are returning to the Shipyard!
    • Users can choose to view a thread in Nested OR Linear, rather than the OP choosing.
    • Forum threads with highlighted replies will now be marked as such in the threads list. This can be important for showing CIG staff posts or posts from the leadership of your Orgs.


    This week's sneak peek shows off the universal inventory UI. It shows how you'll be dealing with your inventory and initiating transfers of items and cargo between locations around the universe.

    AtV UK Focus

    Let’s take a look at the UK studio,
    • The Groundwork for the Air Traffic Control System has been completed, they are now moving on to functions like communicating with the System from in game. You can request landing on the station or LZ you want to land at with the Player Interaction System from your cockpit & this will start a conversation with the NPC/ATC there. This system will also handle ship request & spawning too.
    • They have added a hint system on the UI for 3.0 that will help new players with the game, from spawning ships to understanding mechanics.
    • They are creating a spawn system they can be attached to any object & it will play the appropriate lie down, spawn in OR log out animation. Removing a load of the old less efficient flowgraph.
    • The Mission Broker & Manager Apps for the mobiGlas Revamp have started to come together. It will show missions & acts as a quest log.
    • They have improved the way NPCs move around corners & corridors making their movements more natural.
    • They’ve completed a large amount of work from Fog, to lighting to render to texture holograms as well as improving ground lighting and reflections on planets.
    • Weapon Animation have been completed with the Gemini I86 ballistic pistol & the update to the Arrowhead sniper is almost complete too. And VFX polish on all FPS weapons for 3.0 continues.
    • Hand to Hand Takedowns are now in a animation pass & are looking great.
    • AI Animations for reacting to sound & standing idle, patrolling & ready for combat are being tested.
    • The Darby team are finishing off the Alpha 3.0 facial animations focusing on Miles Eckhart & Ruto as well as polishing Mile’s body animations.
    • They are gather more facial & audio capture to help flesh out the PU.
    • The VFX team are testing a new lighting entity, focusing on smaller scale interior electrical effects & the particles system looking at sparks.
    • The Levski Exterior VFX pass in underway adding flames to refineries & ambience.
    • The Cutlass Flight Ready VFX including thrusters and interior damage are also complete.
    • Atmospheric flight effects & engine trails are getting tested.
    • The Origin 600i concept is ready & it should be the next ship we see on concept sale.
    • They’ve been working on the next ground vehicles & are about to start work on a whole new round of ships.
    • Ship Weapons - Work on the Klaus & Werner Laser Repeaters, using the style from the FPS weapon. Also work on the MAXOX neutron repeaters.
    • Further work on the Outposts & Habitation Pods, including comm arrays, water collections & communication units.
    • Space Scene, Vistas and the general look of space in 3.0 is getting a facelift, large volumes of space dust & visual interest, including distant intersellar nebular.

    • More work & additions to the Truck stops, with materials, modules, structural elements, solar pannels, landing pads & hull pieces. They are modular BUT should look repetitive.
    • Outposts have had a dressing & lighting pass too, they’ve added emergency shelters dotted around the moons too. They also talk about an illegal drug lab that will be discoverable.
    • The exterior of Outposts have had visual tweaks for various biomes too.
    • We will also see in lore brands & decals appearing in the Verse & on these outposts too, procedurally swapping brands based on who owns the outpost.
    • The Reclaimers Drone & Engine Room is complete, the exterior damage setup is also almost complete.
    • Derelict ships are being finished off for 3.0 for missions, scenarios & exploration.
    • There will be material variations on these ships based on the planet & biome they are crashed on.
    • The Gladius Cockpit has been revamped & relit with a better view too for the new cockpit & interaction experience.
    • The Hull C is getting it’s landing gear complete & detailing & lighting it’s inner area.
    • Arena Commander & Star Marine ios getting some love in 3.0 too, Dying Star has added procedural asteroids & the Star Marine Maps have had various balance changes.
    • The mobiGlas overhaul, UI & apps are getting a lot of attention. With a new home screen showing atmosphere composition, vitals & suit status.
    • The Player loadout manager APP is working too.
    • They are working towards the mobiGlas working using Render to Texture for better integration.
    • Character Customization is getting work, we’ll get some limited creation options for 3.0, but eventually have much more powerful ones.
    • They have some cool planet ambience audio & some ship weapons have been made more enjoyable audibly.
    • We saw an example of some of the different shopping kiosks we might see in the Verse, with a retro one from GrimHex.
    • Exploring the look & feel of the coil with fluid simulations for SQ42
    • Working on the interiors for the Shubin Mining Outpost.

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