Star Citizen News | CitizenCon, Xi'An Nox & Female Model

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    Star Citizen News | CitizenCon, Xi'An Nox & Female Model

    Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, this time for the week ending the 18th of June. We take the Week’s official news & info attach handlebars & an engine to it and race it around like some form of Jetbike.

    Xi'An Nox Concept Sale Announced

    The Xi'an Nox will go on concept sale starting Friday, June 23rd for $40. There is likely to be a Warbond version for around $35 too for those of you not using any Store Credit. Similar to a Dragonfly in Class, It’s an Open Canopy Space Bike & looks to possibly be a smaller 1 seater possibly no weapon. But whatever it is going to be a cheap LTI token for a lot of backers.

    Schedule Report

    There are no delays that affect the release windows for SC Alpha 3.0 this week.

    However the Ursa Rover, the reworked Cutlass Black, Devastator Shotgun and Arrowhead Sniper rifle, Uninhabited Derelicts & mobiGlas Overhaul have all moved to feature complete status.

    The Ship Art team is aiming to create another set of Derelict ships to be used in the Persistent Universe. These exploration rewards will appear to have been used as shelter by somebody rather than just being empty. They are still working on AI functioning on the planet surface, so they will looked lived in, but uninhabited.

    The release targets still stand at:

    Evocati | 21st June - 5th July

    Wider PTU | 6th July - 20th

    LIVE | 21st July - 27th


    CitizenCon Tickets Announced

    CitizenCon will be in Frankfurt this year, on Friday October 27th at Capitol Theater. Tickets go on sale on the 1st & 2nd of July - There are 650 tickets for Capitol Theater are €50 each.

    Showtime will be confirmed closer to the date, along with details about other meetups that weekend. More info can be found below:

    Racer Flash Sale

    Until the 20th of June the M50 & MISC Razor Racers are on sale. And the M50 is available on everyone’s account to try in the Verse thru this weekend too.


    In the Sneak Peek we saw some art of one of the incredibly creepy creatures currently being designed to inhabit the Star Citizen universe.

    AtV CIG LA Focus
    • The Narrative team have been creating the descriptions for all of the components & items coming in 3.0 as well as working out what props, items & set dressing they want to see in individual areas.
    • They are also getting the NPC Voice Lines ready of which they have recorded around 2800 lines of generic NPC conversation.
    • With the amount of dialogue they are creating a Persistent Universe Character Tracking Sheet to provide a quick resource for reference of lines, file names, for departments like Audio, Animations, Facial Capture and Performance Capture; and overall status and priority for the massive amounts of dialogue NPCs, mission givers, and more.
    • For the Cargo Mechanic, they are further developing Cargo Grids to provide the visual element of transporting commodities like minerals, scrap and food.
    • Commodities will manifest as stacks of crates located within the ships cargo hold, limited in capacity by the dimensions of the grid your ship can use.
    • You can Store vehicles & loose items into the cargo hold as well, it will however limit the amount of grid space you have available for bought or scavenged commodities.
    • They’ve been assigning moons, stations & POI into the correct Object Containers for 3.0, for instance Grim Hex is now located inside the grid of the moon Yela, for the time being.
    • And they can now create, edit and save Object Containers while still in the level, saving large amounts of time.
    • They have reworked the handling of vehicle internal damage states to significantly easier to set up now and debug. Interior damage states will be changed based on the cumulative health of a ship
    • It’s a move away from FlowGraph to an integrated approach.
    • They have made the IFCS much more efficient & streamlined with an end to allow more players in a server together.
    • They’ve completed the Quantum Drive for ItemSystem 2.0 with better effects & reduced complexity so the drive cares about the travel point it is going to.
    • External Doors will automatically close during QD now too.
    • The Aurora Rework has completed it final art check.
    • They’ve also established 14 skins for the ship.
    • The Terrapin is finalising it’s greybox phase and being handed over to Tech Design.
    • It looks like the Stats page on the RSI website will be updated both with design and data extremely soon & will have up to the minute stats for all ships.
    • Tech Art have been trying to improve game performance with content & code updates for 3.0, they use tools like Statoscope to analyse per frame data.
    • Animations have made improvements to their processes converting scenes from Maya are now dramatically quicker.
    • The Female transfer mesh has been created & the male updated. These are used for high quality more accurate character deformation & skinning.
    • They fixed some issues with the vertex on eyelids.
    • Currently in production is another female character & OMC undersuits.
    • The team also has several other Levski specific characters: the civilians and the miners which are currently being textured.
    • There are lots of hair Styles they’ve been working on we’ll see a select group for 3.0.
    • The Modular Armour System with ItemSystem 2.0 means they are reworking the current armor sets for the new system, allowing bits & pieces to be moved around and swapped.
    • Rigged and implement the Male Marine BDU which will make it’s appearance in several places including the bridge of the Idris.
    • The Male Deck Crew can now safely EVA outside ships.
    • The Female Light Armour has finished up her implementation pass along with the Female Explorer Flight Suit.

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