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    Star Citizen October Monthly Report




    Welcome to the Star Citizen Monthly Report for October this is a quick overview of all the important bits and pieces of info that went on in October that we haven’t talked about before.

    It’s pretty CitizenCon Demo, 2.6, Star Marine & 3.0 heavy with a bit of SQ42 as you might expect.
    CIG Los Angeles

    • Made Steady Progress on IS2.0(ItemSystem) as well as the Object Containers & their Streaming.
    • Getting the Constellation Aquila & Drake Herald Flight Ready
    • Improved the Character Pipeline & Created that Sand Nomad Character from the CitizenCon Demo fully.
    • Narrative have been writing a load of content for 3.0 as well as mo-capturing it in London. They have also written bits for 2.6, New Components and the Galactopedia.
    • QA there have been working on and play testing the Vertical Slice of SQ42 & Star Marine.

    CIG Austin

    • Focused on Landing Zones, created blueprints for level design mainly for shops and services in Crusader, microTech and Hurston.
    • Working on “Trade Slayer” - an end to end economic model of how and Item gets created from mining, refining, manufacture then place into a shop.
    • Also they have the first iteration of “Price Fixer” which generates in-game values of items and ships based on their component costs & applies it.
    • Created the Mockups for the Shopping Kiosk & it’s UI
    • The Herald has been “finished” and is in testing
    • They are working on the Cutlasses bringing them up to current standards with the rework they are into Greybox.
    • Final Art Pass has been done on the Connie Aquila so expect better than what we saw in the CitizenCon demo.
    • Animation have been implementing background animations and NPC character. This includes janitors, interacting with systems, flavour jobs, sleeping, eating in the mess, how NPCs do these tasks on their schedule & interact with their surroundings, it’s all a big part of AI Subsumption.
    • Added Combat Speed Fast animations for exiting chairs and ships if you are in danger in various ships.
    • Backend have Rewritten the Hub Server, giving them more scalability for a larger player base. General Optimizations for Server, Lobbies and Admin Tools are all being worked on by them too.
    • Again QA here have been working on the Vertical Slice for SQ42 & Star Marine as well as server stability.
    • A reaffirmation of the Systems used at CitizenCon for the Demo:

    ASUS X99-A Motherboard​

    ASUS STRIX 1080 GPU​

    Intel i7-5820 CPU​

    64 Gig Corsair Vengeance RAM​

    Corsair H55 Cooler​

    Intel 750 Series 1.2 TB PCI-Express SSD provided by Intel.​

    Foundry 42 UK

    • Started on the Banu Archetypes, also on a new MISC Ship (I believe this is the MISC Racer OR Razor, that we saw on the AtV whiteboard leak)
    • Wrapped up the concept for the Esperia Prowler
    • Finished a new Kastak Arms Sniper Rifle and Pistol as well as lots of items & props.
    • Worked on the 2 Star Marine Maps Echo Eleven and Station Damion with lighting, mood, ambience all that jazz.
    • The Vanguard Hoplite is also finished and with QA for testing
    • But the Final Phase of the Idris, Javelin and Bengal is in progress as well as the Vanduul Driller & they are moving onto the Vanduul Hunter (I believe this is a Destroyer)
    • Artists are working on Surface Outposts, modular space stations, satellites, they will be showing more soon.
    • Work on Several other features, rotating asteroids, spotlights, shaders, rework of the shadow system (increasing the number of shadows & lights casting while providing higher res and performance.
    • Lots of props added to their “low tech” set & now destructible props are being worked on like glass, lights and barrels.
    • Music Logic system as well as loads of extra improvements to engines, Q-Travel, Ambience and SFX have been implemented.
    • Lots of work on Balance for the new flight model changes, shields & ship weapons.
    • VFX have optimized 2.6 and Arena Commander, shader fixes as well as making atmospheric entry VFX for 3.0 Code & Data Driven.
    • Overhauled the Camera System & unified the code between different modes and views. We will have more cinematic and more control over our camera.
    • Big changes made to the Lobby UIs, we’ll be able to edit loadouts without having to go back to our hangars.
    • Investigating a new MEGA MAP allowing you to go between Arena Commander & other environments without having to load in and out between modes.
    • Implementing loot animations for weapon pick-ups, grenade functionality & reworking weapon reloading.
    • Captured assets and working on Stealth Kills as well as AI responding to noises.
    • AI Combat animation sets for cover, blind fire and under fire have been worked on too.
    • There has been missions and secrets added for Crusader for 2.6, new asteroid tech has been added to Yela, lots of wrecks, tweaked security.
    • There are now persistent missile inventories between deaths in AC as well as work on the Pirate Swarm Game Mode.

    Foundry 42 DE

    • Work on - ecosystems, vegetation and object spawning, as well as terrain blending.
    • Improvements to rendering and CPU Performance.
    • Continued with improving Planet Tools.
    • Improved the Accuracy of the face rigs and wrinkle maps.
    • Lots of work on SQ42 AI
    • Primary & secondary sub-activities for AI Subsumption implemented.
    • AI Combat behaviour finished it’s First Pass, AI can identify Shortcuts, are better avoiding collisions & can identify the player.
    • There is also an Emotion component that will drive emotional behaviors of each character.
    • The Landing System was refined for docking.
    • Various work was done on space station locations for 3.0 as well as the modular building, station and satellite system.
    • They’ve created at least 5 unique ecosystems & they are creating more as well as assets and terrain types.
    • Weapons guys have been focused on missiles. On the FPS Side working on grenades, iron sights for the P8 weapon.

    BHVR - Behaviour

    BHVR shared some of their concept & progress on Stanton Locations, they are coming along quickly with the modular building sets, tools and brushes that CIG have made.
    • Hurston is a desert mining world, controlled by a powerful corporation. Life on the planet is harsh, and people working there live no better than indentured servants. Reflecting the condition, the architecture of the planet generally exhibits significant wear and tear. Daily life is constantly monitored by the planet security, a prospect reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984.

    • microTech, an arctic environment. The natural conditions of the planet are inhospitable and domed cities were constructed to ward off the natural hazards. Inside the domes, cleanliness, technology and simple elegance are the theme of the architecture. Transparent glass is the most prevalent building material, reinforcing the architectural themes with interactive technologies and a view matching the environment’s color scheme.
    • Crusader, a gas giant with a city built on the clouds. The city consists of multiple floating platforms that are long and slender in nature. Between buildings, ships traverse through the skyline. Structures on top of the platform contain varying elevations, allowing breathtaking vistas to surprise the players in between silhouettes of buildings.


    • Revealed The Communication Platform 2.0 which is now called “Spectrum” incorporating loads of features Orgs 2.0, Chat, Forums, VOIP these features will slowly come on line and eventually be available cross platform and in game.

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