Star Citizen Patch 2.6 is Live!

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    Star Citizen Patch 2.6 is Live!


    Star Citizen Patch 2.6 is Live!

    It has finally arrived, Star Citizen patch 2.6 is now live to all backers! It has been approximately 4 months since the last major release for the game and this patch brings a lot of additional gameplay features as well as some much needed flight and weapon balance. Read the patch notes here.
    Major New Features

    Menu UI-

    The new menu and UI look amazing. The team has and still is completely overhauling the old system. The new menu gives shares a lot more details about the matches and modes that players are about to enter while looking amazing. There are some features from the old menu that are not available in the current menu, specifically following your friends into a PU instance, but that can be achieved by entering your hangar and joining from there.


    Also, we have a replacement for the Holo Table!!! The new ship customization menu is fantastic and very easy to use. See for yourself



    Yela has received a really awesome update where the asteroid field is more dense, as we have seen on a recent ATV update. It really makes the area feel much more alive and like there might actually be something lurking in the field somewhere waiting to attack. We also have MUCH improved wrecks that we can enter inside, with additional things to salvage specifically ammunition for your weapons.

    There are a few new missions added to the game, one is more of an easter-egg (spoilers), and there is an additional ICC probe mission as well.

    Arena Commander-

    This patch has seen MASSIVE changes to AC. First off the team worked and is still hard at work on the flight balance changes (more details here). Additionally, in order to bring up the fun level and making the game a bit more arcade-like from the PU the team have added "pick-ups". Every time a player is killed they drop a number of pickups that include: Health, Ammunition/Countermeasures, Fuel and Missiles. They are all easy to distinguish and the player receives a visual notification of what you just picked up.

    The addition of a new game mode is really fantastic as well. Pirate Swarm, a long spoken about mode the community has been waiting for has finally arrived! At its base, it is the same game as Vanduul Swarm, but there are many more wrinkles to this mode. The number of enemies scales to the number of players in the match, and the variation of the enemies is vast, ranging from an Aurora all the way to a Constellation! Upon completion of the mode, you unlock the ability to pick up the pirate version Drake Caterpillar.

    Star Marine-

    Well, ummm its out! The game has a max of 24 player and we have two game modes, Last Stand which is a team based control mode where there are 4 points to capture or "hack" on the map. While a team is holding a capture point they are earning 1 point per second held. If a team has all 4 points they will be earning 4 points per second. Rounds last until one team reaches 250 points or whichever team has the most points at the end of a round. Sides swap after 2 rounds. There are 4 rounds played so you can tie. There is also the Elimination game mode, which is every man for himself, whoever gets 25 kills first wins.

    There are two maps, Station Damien and Echo 11. Damien is a smallish map that is mostly outside in the vacuum of space and seems meant for smaller teams, but still plays well in 12 v 12 situations. Echo 11 is a much larger maps with all sorts of places to hide and sneak around on other players. I think the best map for Last Stand is Damien, and Echo 11 is great for Elimination as you wont be running into people every 5 seconds.

    This was a big ship patch as well, 8 (4 new 4 variants) new ships have been dropped into Star Citizen for us to enjoy.

    The holiday sale will end on the 26th of December, more details here.
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    Nice write up Twerk. The Boxing day sale is live, for anyone:
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    I appreciate the info. Thank you much.

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